Neighborhood Microgrids

Neighborhood Microgrids
Replicability and Revitalization

Postindustrial cities share with other areas the challenge of the transformation to a post-carbon age. This includes the incorporation of clean energy and the dismantling/vacating of fossil-fuel infrastructure, profound impacts on the physical landscape and public acceptance at many scales. During 2015-2016, I led a study of opportunities for replicability of neighborhood microgrids (power systems) across New York state, and the potential for such microgrids to support economic revitalization efforts.

“Neighborhood Microgrids: Replicability and Revitalization” was sponsored by Syracuse Center of Excellence as a separate but related investigation to the NY Prize award assessing the feasibility of a community microgrid for Syracuse’s Near Westside. The report below presents the findings of this study, including a process for identifying likely neighborhoods for replication of a model neighborhood’s microgrid for revitalization, and results of this process as applied to the Near Westside. A brief executive summary precedes the full report; please click on the button to view both summary and report. A series of related articles for professional audiences is forthcoming.

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