Coming next week to a symposium near you: an interdisciplinary conversation about what’s new, what’s needed, and what to do about public infrastructure in urban neighborhoods. I’ll be chairing this session and moderating the discussion, as well as presenting about public perception of infrastructure. Hope to see you there! (Registration link below).

has many connotations – public crisis, essential service, architectural buzzword – but also encompasses innovations like broadband and community microgrids. In older urban neighborhoods, political realities and lack of open space force infrastructural interventions to share public rights-of-way, spaces crowded above and below ground and home to many competing uses, such as all-weather transportation and street life. Dialogue and synergy between these many interests are  crucial to financially feasible plans to make urban neighborhoods vibrant and attractive places to live and work. Presentation topics will include public perception of neighborhood infrastructure, green infrastructure in public rights-of-way, the Syracuse I-Team initiative, and community microgrids for neighborhoods.

2015 SyracuseCoE Symposium
Clean Energy Frontiers: From Lab to Market
 (Nov. 9-10)