I’m pleased to say I’m teaching a second edition of Studio: Next this semester in the School of Architecture. As my latest adventure in social media and pedagogical experimentation, I’ll be posting course materials on this blog (and tweeting them @susandieterlen, as always). So for you blog readers not in the studio, feel free to ignore the class-related stuff or to follow along. Better yet, feel free to comment! Email me or tweet using the class hashtag #citybynext

As usual, we’ll be working with community collaborators from industry, non-profits, and public agencies, and focusing on the development of professional skills. This year the big theme is on using the transition to clean and distributed energy to make the postindustrial city a better place for people.

Here’s the course flyer, featuring work by Kevin Nagle, Brad Wells, and Dave Warzyniak (all BLA 2014). If you’re reading this, guys, thanks!