From Connecticut to Anywhere

Susan has given over 250 presentations over the last 15 years, to a variety of audiences, from scientists to Fulbright students to community groups. We’re skilled at multi-media presentations, including video segments, engaging graphics, and spontaneous audience interaction. Extemporaneous, Q&A based talks are a specialty. Currently all talks scheduled are virtual. We’re experienced with several different web-conferencing and webinar apps, including Zoom, Skype, GoToMeeting, and others.

I enjoyed the class very much. I often found myself talking to friends and family about the subject matter.


Flint: Water + Lead + Infrastructure” Public lecture and panel discussion/webinar, featuring U.S. Congressman Dan Kildee. Susan Dieterlen, organizer and chair.

Popular lecture topics include:

  • Author talks on Design by Deficit
  • Neglect and the Accidental City
  • Health benefits from nature
  • Reshaping urban wilds for recreation and health
  • Urban wilds for climate action
  • Spotting opportunities for bicycle-pedestrian amenities
  • “Spookiness” as a preservative of green space
  • How to write a book or develop a research topic
  • Design thinking for innovation and idea development
  • Immigrant neighborhoods as assets for civic identity and pride
  • Adding social justice to the design studio

Many other topics are available, including those based on posts in City WildContact us to talk about what interests you and your group. We look forward to working out the perfect topic and approach for an educational session everyone will enjoy. 

Excerpts from talks — in-person, video, podcast

Wilder is Stronger: Urban Wilds for Climate Resilience (clip)

Excerpt from 2021 talk to NYU Engineering

Urban wilds are invisible spaces, yet they help us fight climate change

Author reading: “Things Fall Apart: An Introduction”

The introduction to Design by Deficit: Neglect and the Accidental City, read by Susan Dieterlen

Neglect is all around us, shaping where we live, and we never even notice it

Bouncing Back Greener: Nature and Mental Health (clip)

Excerpt from 2022 Lunch and Learn presentation via Zoom. Please excuse the creaky voice – I had just recovered from COVID!

Time spent in nature benefits our mental health, making us more resilient during stressful times like the COVID pandemic

Disruption and Design Thinking at Syracuse University Architecture

Storefronts for Good: Local Action through Coursework from “The World in 2050: Creating/Imagining Just Climate Futures,” Nearly-Carbon-Neutral online conference, University of California Santa Barbara