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Could Passenger Pigeons Come Back?

In this season of zombies and skeletons, know that there's a small group out there working to bring back, aka "de-extinct," passenger pigeons. Like "Jurassic Park," but smaller and flying in gigantic flocks. What could go wrong? Seriously, though, their efforts are...

A cluster of bright red homegrown radishes with fresh green leafy tops, still with garden soil clinging to them
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Radish Rage

An airing of my long-standing grievance about "easy to grow" vegetables that aren't, in a guest post on...

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Joining Mastodon

A guest post for Tech Tips in the Writers of Non-Fiction Facebook group As Twitter disintegrates, many people are moving to Mastodon. The buzz about Mastodon is that it’s hard to join and to learn if you aren’t a tech genius. I just joined without any trouble, so...